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Apple's ultra-high resolution VR headset (iGlass?)

Assuming that human-like AI-equipped humanoid characters have improved enormously, it is not possible to use their full potential just by displaying them on a 2D plane such as a computer or smartphone screen and interacting with the mouse, keyboard, and touch. I think. dental…

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Future of Synthetic Media (Synthesia)

This is an article from Synthesia blog that applies AI technology to media marketing with the wording “Synthetic media”. The main field of the company is to transfer the facial expressions and lip shape of the model in the video from another video and synthesize (adjust?) it.

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Rosebud.AI's virtual model synthesis technology ( is targeting the marketing market with a technology that creates and synthesizes virtual model faces on images created for marketing campaigns. The result is quite natural, and the model face can be replaced at any time without having to take a picture again...

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How Roblox Optimizes Bert

Most chatbot systems still operate based on rules, but in order to implement natural conversations, you eventually need to use more complex language models such as BERT. However, there is a lot of recognition that BERT is heavy and complicated, but Roblox, a game platform company...