About Us

Our Vision

Pioneer of Humanized AI Service for Mega Value Entertainment

Fun AI

We research advanced technologies to unravel human emotions such as pleasure, surprise, joy, and emotion with AI technology, and discover innovative product lines based on this.

Human-Like AI

Through research on human beings themselves such as empathy, communication, adaptation, and memory, we study techniques to break away from mechanical responses and interact like humans.

Principles Of Our Work

Category Creation

Rather than optimizing unit technology, we aim to create a new category.

Open Innovation

We secure technology efficiently through collaboration and win-win rather than closed research.

White-Box ResOps

We aim for a circular improvement research method through broad feedback gathering.
About Us
About Us

Who We Are

All-in-One Expert

It is a group of professionals who are actively involved in strategy, research, development, and planning.

Value-Oriented Mind

We aim for a broader perspective based on service value rather than technology-oriented thinking.

Creative Innovation

Instead of relying on traditional methods, they pursue aggressive and creative innovation.


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