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Unity ML-Agents v2.0

[Service Development Team Jeon Jeon-Jun] ML-Agents, unveiled by Unity, is an open source tool that creates virtual characters in the game environment. You can create a game environment and learn NPC characters (Agents) that can operate in the environment through algorithms such as reinforcement learning.…

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Time Series Data Analysis_TadGAN

[Prior Research Team, Ji-Hyun Song] The TadGAN algorithm developed by the MIT research team is known to have better performance than previously known models in detecting anomalies by analyzing time series data. Currently, many companies researching anomaly detection are working in various fields (financial…

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Can Machines Think? Emotionally

[Service Development Team, Eunji Kwon] When I was a child, when I was drawing imagination, robots in outer space were a favorite material. Looking back, from cartoons (Galaxy Railroad 999) to captains of artificial intelligence computers that move trains to recently released Humanoid movies, artificial intelligence is an important part of the media...

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[Hyper CLOVA]-Korea's first'ultra-large AI'

[Lead Research Team Hongmae Shim] NAVER first unveiled Korea's first'ultra-large AI' Hyper CLOVA, a Korean version of GPT-3, developed by itself at the'NAVER AI NOW' online conference held on the 25th. Open AI GPT-3, which makes it difficult to use languages other than English and…

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LaMDA-Google's Conversational Language Model

[Service Development Team Kim Byung-in] At Google I/O 2021, an event that showcases the latest Google technologies, Android, Web, artificial intelligence, Chrome, and other technologies, services, and platform services were released. Among the many technologies, the hottest topic is LaMDA (Google's language…

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MoveNet: A JavaScript pose estimator

[Prior Research Team Yoo Hee-jo] Pose estimation is one of the visual processing technologies that tracks the movement of characters in a video. Body landmarks, which are similar to facial landmarks, are extracted and connected to describe the posture of the entire body. Most of…

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The value of a data specialist

[Service Development Team Jeon Jeon Jeon] The digital transformation of companies accelerated by Corona 19 continues to increase the value of data. The need for change in various industries as well as specialized IT companies is raising ransom money for data specialists.

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Continual Reinforcement Learning

[Prior Research Team, Jeongwoo Lee] Recent reinforcement learning has shown that AI agents can overwhelm human performance in various tasks. However, when compared to humans, unlearned AI agents require a lot of time to learn and generalize to various tasks...