Smilegate AI Family

Who We Are


The history of Smilegate Investment is the history of venture investment in Korea.

We have been discovering new industries and companies that will lead the future in a hot market with a venture boom and a cold market amid the financial crisis. We are a growth partner of investment companies working together to ensure that investment companies demonstrate their value in the market.


Smilegate Investment has been a global success partner for Korean movies and Korean games since its inception.

We believe in the creativity of Koreans and the global competitiveness of contents, and we are investing to build new types of contents and related ecosystems. We believe that Korean culture will spread with global universality in the future.

Growth Capital & Buyout

Smilegate Investment is bringing new winds to the private equity market through investments and acquisitions in environment, energy, manufacturing, and distribution companies that generate stable cash flow.

We are a Private Equity Investor who finds and invests in hidden value that does not interest our competitors, but causes big change.

Our Approach

Huge Potential

We invest in companies with great potential.

We believe our great potential comes from our superior technology and ability to see the market. We recognize the value of superior technology before others. However, they also highly value market-minded managers. To this end, we believe that we must maintain our field-specific expertise, and to do this we constantly study and learn. And we value the network with outstanding experts in each industry.


We invest in companies that target a wide market.

Great companies cannot come out without a big market. We are looking for companies that are not satisfied with small successes and want to advance to a big market, and companies that have big dreams even when they are small. And I always wonder if it is a company that makes the products and services that the market wants.


We invest in companies that will continue to grow as great companies.

A management with entrepreneurial spirit and morality that does not give up is an important value, and we recognize the teamwork that sticks through difficulties based on strong teamwork. We believe that such a company can become a great company with us as a team.

Smilegate AI Family

Visual AI

Using video analysis and machine learning technology, real-time face recognition for all images and videos, abnormal behavior and phenomenon detection, and other technologies are implemented, and virtual image and information processing technologies create virtual information on the real environment.

Smilegate AI Family

AI Surgical Solution

We provide a better medical environment by reducing the psychological distance between diagnosis and surgery, leading the future surgery platform, and leading the market entry of products and solutions.

Smilegate AI Family

AI Eyewear

With a new artificial intelligence service for eyewear shopping such as virtual wear and glass finder provided by AI opticians, wear thousands of styles directly on your face anytime, anywhere, and receive the products you want.

Smilegate AI Family

AI Asset Management

We provide integrated solutions such as Care Talk, which answers questions directly by experts, rebalancing that maintains the optimal asset combination, and reports that organize market conditions and asset changes at a glance.

Smilegate AI Family

AI Healthcare

Huino is a wearable device and an auxiliary tool for arrhythmia diagnosis using AI technology to increase the work efficiency of medical staff, and to provide effective patient management services through AI-based ECG analysis service through the cloud.

Smilegate AI Family

Time Series DBMS

It provides high-speed sensor data storage and inquiry, the highest performance data storage and extraction for a single server, high availability and high scalability multi-node cluster configuration, and edge integrated management solution.

Smilegate AI Family

AI Educational Content Platform

Teachers cannot always be there, and one-on-one education is not available to all students. Maspresso enables customized training with software to make the most effective training available to everyone around the world.

Smilegate AI Family

AI advertising platform

Grow your app with high performing CPI-optimized or CPA-optimized marketing campaigns. Maximize your user LTV by re-engaging your existing users.

Smilegate AI Family

Fleet Management

We provide intelligent fleet management solutions for industrial spaces with a focus on optimizing workflows. Utilizing RTLS sensors, our end-to-end software seamlessly connects your fleet, employees, and managers to achieve greater efficiencies.

Smilegate AI Family

Predictive Solution

We offer predictive solutions for asset management systems. Our vision is to create a more resilient, risk-free, and productive world by helping our environment evolve autonomously!

Smilegate AI Family

AI Healthcare

From imaging modalities including X-rays and CT scans to biosignal monitoring systems, VUNO provides a diverse array of services that quantifies and analyzes data to diagnose diseases.