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AI Fairness:편견 없는 인공지능을 위하여

[서비스개발팀 임용택] 2015년 6월, 미국 브루클린의 한 흑인 프로그래머는 여자친구와 찍은 사진을 보려던 중 깜짝 놀랄 일을 경험합니다. 구글 포토에 본인들의 사진이 “고릴라” 로 오토 태깅된 것을 보았기 때문입니다. 구글은…

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Handling Imbalanced Datasets

[Service Development Team Hwang Jun-sun] When supervising machine learning models, when a dataset with an unbalanced number of data between labels is used as training data, the phenomenon in which learning of samples belonging to a label with a small ratio is not performed well you will experience simply…

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Time Series Data Analysis_TadGAN

[Prior Research Team, Ji-Hyun Song] The TadGAN algorithm developed by the MIT research team is known to have better performance than previously known models in detecting anomalies by analyzing time series data. Currently, many companies researching anomaly detection are working in various fields (financial…

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The value of a data specialist

[Service Development Team Jeon Jeon Jeon] The digital transformation of companies accelerated by Corona 19 continues to increase the value of data. The need for change in various industries as well as specialized IT companies is raising ransom money for data specialists.