VisualTrend MetaHuman Creator-Unreal Engine

MetaHuman Creator-Unreal Engine

MetaHuman Creator is a digital human creation tool recently released by Epic Games. It looks similar to the character creation of an MMORPG game, but it is very difficult to implement such a real-time digital human, and it is a time-consuming task that easily includes rigging, hair, and costumes.

VisualTrend MetaHuman Creator-Unreal Engine

ImageNet and privacy

ImageNet is a dataset that has greatly influenced the advancement of AI technology so that no one knows about AI researchers. Consisting of a large number of images and their metadata, this dataset consists of approximately 14 million images...

VisualCode MetaHuman Creator-Unreal Engine

MeInGame-Create 3D models from photos

The technology to create 3D models from a single photo has been unveiled under the name MeInGame. Looking at the results uploaded to the public repository, it is not yet enough to be applied to the service without the designer's work, but it will significantly reduce the initial modeling effort…

VisualInteraction MetaHuman Creator-Unreal Engine

OpenAI DALL-E: Creating images from text

DALL-E, released by OpenAI, is a technology that generates images from natural language text. Previously, there were technologies for the same purpose, such as StackGAN and OP-GAN, but DALL-E has the advantage that the quality of the final result is remarkably excellent because it is made based on GPT-3, a super-scale language model.