InteractionTrend 사람 같은 AI, AI 같은 사람

사람 같은 AI, AI 같은 사람

[융합연구팀 전동준] 우리가 일반적으로 생각했었던 “AI 같은”의 의미는 사람과 대비되는 기계의 느낌이 강했습니다. 감정이 느껴지지 않고, 말투도 딱딱한 사람들을 “AI 같은 사람” 이라고 많이 표현했었습니다.

InteractionTrend 사람 같은 AI, AI 같은 사람

Instruction tuning – FLAN

[Convergence Research Team Hongmae Shim] If we were to pick the top 10 keywords for 2020 in the field of NLP, of course it would be in the GPT-3 (Language Models are Few shot Learners) ranking. To this day, the enormous amount of parameters and excellent performance of GPT-3 is still in the field of NLP…

Interaction 사람 같은 AI, AI 같은 사람

Open Source GPT-3 Model Released, GPT-J-6B

[Priority Research Team Seonghyun Kim] The Eleuther AI team, which was releasing the GPT-3 model under an open license, recently released a new GPT-3 model with 6B (about 6 billion) parameters. (Link) It is said that the name GPT-J-6B was given because Mesh-tensorflow and JAX were used. The training data is about…