Let's Do AI Together

An era in which data is always scarce and yesterday's technology becomes the technology behind today. You won't be able to get all the necessary skills alone, and you will end up missing out on bigger opportunities.

Smilegate.AI aims for a collaborative model that collaborates and solves bigger problems together and shares its value.

Research Partners

Various collaboration models

Joint development

Gaining synergy by jointly developing new technologies on top of their own technologies

Industry-academia cooperation

Domain data and research funds are funded so that universities can freely study while sharing only a large direction

Solution introduction

Introducing already-completed solutions, platforms, data, etc. and further customizing collaboration

Expert collaboration

Direct collaboration with experts in each field such as strategy, trend insight, unit technology, service application, and optimization technology

Research Partners

Emotional AI Platform

Acrylic's unique emotional intelligence creates'artificial intelligence in daily life' by sharing and empathizing with your daily life in various ways.

Research Partners

Speech Recognition

Unlock the Potential of AI. Auto Speech Recognition, Speaker Diarization, Natural Language Processing, Vision Processing, etc.

Research Partners

AI Healthcare Solution

AITRICS aims to make AI solutions more accessible to all businesses through our state-of-the-art technologies

Research Partners

Conversational AI

Deep Learning Speech Synthesis, Deep Learning Video Synthesis and AI Chatbot Solution

Research Partners

THE FINEST AI Data Platform

We collect and process various data such as photos, video, audio, and text, and operate a mobile crowdsourcing platform.

Research Partners

Text to Toon and Style AI

It is a technology & content company that develops useful technologies that can increase the value of everyday life through artificial intelligence and content. In particular, we are using artificial intelligence to help creative activities and develop technologies that can be applied to the whole life.

Research Partners
UNIST Professor Seongbin Lim

Learning Intelligent Machine Lab

Causal Learning / Machine Reasoning, Statistical Learning, Uncertainty Estimation, Stochastic Optimization, Planning / Reinforcement Learning, Automated Machine Learning

Research Partners
Professor Sung-Jun Choi, Korea University

Robot Intelligence Lab

Robust and Reliable Machine Learning, Sample Efficient Reinforcement Learning, Human-Robot Interaction

Research Partners
Handong University Professor Injoong Kim

Deep Learning Lab

Image Analysis and Synthesis, Neural Speech Synthesis, Smart Factory, Data Analysis and Prediction, Natural Language Processing

Research Partners
Professor Hee-Yeol Choi, Handong University

Machine Intelligence Lab

Neural Machine Translation, Language Modeling, Text Generation, Smart Factory, Natural Language Processing