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Digital Twin means moving an object or environment that has a substance in the real world into a virtual space and linking the two. Simply put, it means digitally modeling the real world, but simply modeling…

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OpenAI DALL-E: Creating images from text

DALL-E, released by OpenAI, is a technology that generates images from natural language text. Previously, there were technologies for the same purpose, such as StackGAN and OP-GAN, but DALL-E has the advantage that the quality of the final result is remarkably excellent because it is made based on GPT-3, a super-scale language model.

Trend Digital Twin + AI

What is the next step of AI in 2021?

Since deep learning began in earnest in 2012, AI technology has surpassed the performance of existing technologies in many fields. Although it is a limited environment, Atari game in 2015, image recognition and Go in 2016, skin cancer diagnosis and voice…

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Digital Human Platform Companies

The Digital Human Platform is a form that combines various AI technologies with an avatar with a humanoid appearance. With the advancement of AI dialogue technology and visualization technology, a number of Digital Human Platform companies are currently appearing, among which…

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Can BERTology understand language?

The large-scale language model based on deep learning represented by BERT shows excellent performance in various tasks related to natural language such as Q&A, document summarization, document generation, and conversation. In particular, the recently appeared GPT-3 is an artificial general intelligence (AGI)...