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MetaHuman Creator-Unreal Engine

[Service Development Team Byungin Kim] MetaHuman Creator is a digital human creation tool recently released by Epic Games. It looks similar to the character creation of an MMORPG game, but it is very difficult to implement such a real-time digital human, and it is a very time-consuming task. It is easy to rig, hair,...

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GPT-3 based game NPC demo

Comparing the games from 10 years ago to the current games, there are a lot of differences, especially in terms of graphics. For example, 4K or higher resolution, sophisticated graphic textures, natural 3D model animations, physics engines, light engines, etc...

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AI trends and game application examples

This is a report that summarizes AI trends and cases of AI technology application by game companies. The approximate table of contents is as follows: AI is… AI Market and Major Players Technology and Services Game-specific Approach Game Application Cases