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[가상인간연구팀 전동준] 언어 모델(Language Model, LM)은 단어나 문장을 확률적으로 예측하는 모델입니다. 통계적으로 다음에 등장할 단어들을 모델링하는 전통적인 방식에서 최근에는 딥러닝 기반의 언어 모델들이 많이 연구되고 있습니다. BERT, GPT-3 같은 많은…

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현자의 돌

[융합연구팀 김무성] 최근 스탠포드의 연구자들이 “On the Opportunities and Risks of Foundation Models”라는 논문을 냈습니다 [1]. 여기서 Foundation Model이란 GPT-3와 같은 대규모 데이터로 사전학습된, 전이학습이 일어나는 딥러닝 모델을 말합니다. 자연어처리…

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Instruction tuning – FLAN

[Convergence Research Team Hongmae Shim] If we were to pick the top 10 keywords for 2020 in the field of NLP, of course it would be in the GPT-3 (Language Models are Few shot Learners) ranking. To this day, the enormous amount of parameters and excellent performance of GPT-3 is still in the field of NLP…

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GPT-3 based game NPC demo

Comparing the games from 10 years ago to the current games, there are a lot of differences, especially in terms of graphics. For example, 4K or higher resolution, sophisticated graphic textures, natural 3D model animations, physics engines, light engines, etc...

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OpenAI DALL-E: Creating images from text

DALL-E, released by OpenAI, is a technology that generates images from natural language text. Previously, there were technologies for the same purpose, such as StackGAN and OP-GAN, but DALL-E has the advantage that the quality of the final result is remarkably excellent because it is made based on GPT-3, a super-scale language model.

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Can BERTology understand language?

The large-scale language model based on deep learning represented by BERT shows excellent performance in various tasks related to natural language such as Q&A, document summarization, document generation, and conversation. In particular, the recently appeared GPT-3 is an artificial general intelligence (AGI)...