Trend Human brain vs. AI-Hardware Comparison

Human brain vs. AI-Hardware Comparison

One of the recent trends is the super-giant model, i.e. the enormous increase in the number of parameters and the application of traditional learning methods. Apart from the “software capability” that the human brain shows, how much will it need to be increased to reach the “hardware” capability of the human brain?

InteractionTrend Human brain vs. AI-Hardware Comparison

IBM's emotional robot Nao-mi

This is a video of IBM's emotional robot Nao-mi. [Summary of Contents] A robot that says he doesn't want to do with a person who asks to destroy a tower that has been difficult to build. The robot cries at constant demand and eventually breaks it down. Watching the video, my heart hurt a lot. Heart...

Trend Human brain vs. AI-Hardware Comparison

Transfer Learning becomes a necessity, not an option

It is said that the learning cost of GPT-3, the pronoun of the super-scale language model, which shows the possibility that it can be applied to all natural language tasks only with Few shot learning, is estimated at 4 billion KRW in Korean. About 40 million won for GPT-2. No matter how high recyclability is...

Trend Human brain vs. AI-Hardware Comparison

The phenomenon of knowledge unindex by YouTube's advancement

With the advent of digitalization and the advent of the Internet and the web, knowledge is distributed and stored on servers around the world, connected to each other, and made searchable, so that accessibility and usability are dramatically improved. Instead of borrowing a book from the library and reading it sequentially, using a search engine...

Trend Human brain vs. AI-Hardware Comparison

Apple's ultra-high resolution VR headset (iGlass?)

Assuming that human-like AI-equipped humanoid characters have improved enormously, it is not possible to use their full potential just by displaying them on a 2D plane such as a computer or smartphone screen and interacting with the mouse, keyboard, and touch. I think. dental…